We manufacture of all types of outdoor and indoor Signs and Signage, such as:

  • Directional Signs (Safety)

  • Custom made Signs and Signage

  • Display Signs and Signage.

We specializes in the construction and installations of all signs e.g Neon / Led lights, Light boxes, Fabricated letters, Aluminum cut-out, vinyl prints, Chromadek, Wooden Cut-out letters, Billboards, Road signs, Banners, Rollup banners, H/A display frames and space management fittings. We specialize in the branding and wrapping of Vehicles, Vehicle magnetic substrates We have a long standing experience in the productions of promotional items such as key-holders, caps, T-shirts e.t.c


Aluminum Signs : Aluminum can be presented as brushed, anodized or powder coated which can be mounted onto a wall surface or any sign base.


Large Format Prints

Large format printing is done onto vinyl or pvc. The vinyl print can be applied onto a variety of sign based surfaces, for example : on Chromadeck boards, correx boards, shop windows, vehicles etc. And the PVC are often stretched over steel frames / structure and carefully installed, some are coated with uv vanish for resistance against hush weather and longevity, and finished with various sizes of aluminum / chromadek angles.


Development Boards

These are often made out of correx boards depending on the sizes, quantity and finishing as requested by the client.



Billboards are slated chromadeck sheeting with digital print or cutout vinyl, installed on galvanized poles with backstays. A billboard could be called a hoarding as in United Kingdom and many other parts of the world. It is a large outdoor advertising structure strategically located i.e on the high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. Small billboard can also be installed in shop front, factories, industries e.t.c to present large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers. Typically showing large, ostensibly witty slogans, and distinctive visuals, billboards are highly visible in the top designated market areas. Billboard can be made out of various materials depending on the client. It could either be illuminated or non illuminated (raging from Perspex, fabricated letters, chromadeck sheeting and Larger format digital prints such as showed below:





Chromadek Signs

Treated steel sheeting, normally used for basic non-illuminated signage, usually in the form of vinyl lettering, digital prints e.t.c   Also used as the backing plate in illuminated boxes such as light boxes signs. A standard sheet size is 2450mm x 1225mm, or 3000mm x 1225 and therefore needs to be professionally and technically joined when manufacturing larger signs.


Light box Signs

Light boxes are visible during the day and night. When turned off these signs appear as non-illuminated signs and when activated fluorescent tubing illuminates the sign from within.


Illuminated Signs

Neon or Led signs have a huge selection of uses. Neon signs can be used in store windows to let shoppers know you are open. Neon signs also make impressive shop front signage especially when combined with 3D letters or behind flat raised letters. You can also hang neon signs on store walls to attract shoppers to specific areas, products and brands. Led can be used to manufacture great and attractive signs with desired colours, they can be combine with 3D letters, water proof and consume less electricity.


Fabricated Perspex Signs

Perspex is available in various colours, in both translucent and non-translucent, which gives a 3 dimensional look to your illuminated sign or individual letters.


Digital Printed Flexface

This form of signage has become very popular especially in larger signs because of its price, quality and versatility. Digitally printed flexface (PVC) is stretched over a metal frame to create a professional vibrant finish.


Indoor Signage:

Come in various form and shape, most are used to give directions, and give description. They could either be  Company's name / Logo and are either illuminated or non illuminated. They are often made out of Perspex, Brushed aluminum, Wood e.t.c. We stock a variety and shapes to create great indoor / outdoor directional signage as showed below:


Vehicle Branding

A vehicle can be totally transformed with either colour vinyl or digital printed vinyl images. We do large & small scale vehicle branding from basic vinyl designs to more complex digital branding. We also manufacture vehicle magnetic signs.




Vas Signs and Prints

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