Getting Started:

Upon receipt of your deposit (and contract if applicable), the developer in charge of your project will email you to confirm receipt of your deposit, give you their contact information and possibly ask you some questions about your project.  Work will commence on the start date or the date payment is received, whichever is later. You will need to supply all text and/or product information to be included on your site as well as any other material you would like us to use such as company logo, personal photos, etc if any. If you have an outline for the site prepared, that would also be helpful. In most cases, we would simply need to know what pages you intend to have (Home, About Us, Contact, etc) and what text/functionality you wish to offer on each page.

For E-Commerce sites that require us to enter products for you, we will need you to supply an Excel spread sheet listing the following: Product Name, Product Number (if any), Product Description, Options (if any – size, color, etc), Price and approximate Weight as well as the product photos named in correspondence with the item on the spread sheet. If you have any guide sites you would like us to refer to when designing your site or if you have any preference as to colors, style, etc please offer that information as well. Ideally, all of the above information should be supplied prior to us getting started.

In most cases, we will be able to provide you with 3 sample design layouts within 5-7 business days. After you have decided which design you would like to go with and we have completed any revisions you may have requested on the design, the necessary programming to make your site function will begin.

The whole process should take approximately 2-4 weeks providing you have supplied the content required. We will be in constant contact during this time supplying links for you to review the progress and offer feedback. There is exception for urgent projects which can be live on the internet within 48 hours, while our dedicated term of designer rapidly progress on the web development using the content provided by client.

Finishing Up:

After the site has been completed and you have confirmed that everything meets your needs, the final payment will need to be submitted. Final payment may be made by using one of the methods stated in the “Payment” section above.


After final payment is received, we will upload all necessary files to your hosting server and perform the necessary tests to confirm that everything is working properly. Once confirmed as working properly, we will complete any basic site optimization which needs to be done for the search engines (such as title tags, meta tags, etc).


Please note that we have no control over when these search engines index your site or where they place it within the search engine listings. Our quote includes only basic optimization and submission.  Get more info and a free quote